Health coaching is for anyone who has a health goal. I will help you implement the lifestyle changes that will push you to reach your goals. A health coach is for anyone who wants to change, is ready to face the challenges of overturning bad habits, and anyone who is ready to succeed.

With my guiding hand, you can build paths to manage chronic disease, lose weight and keep it off, get your routines and priorities in sync. 

Here are some of the issues that I can help with:

Reaching your ideal weight.
Here’s the deal. Diets don’t work. If they did, we’d know it by now and wouldn’t still be talking about it. Do you want to find your healthy weight and stay there? Who doesn’t? I don’t prescribe one size fits all way of eating and I don’t believe in quick fixes. 

Maybe you are wondering what “healthy eating” is anyway. Every day there’s some new health study or fresh information that contradicts the last study or everything you always thought you knew... That’s so darn confusing, right? I’ll help you navigate this mass media confusion and together we can determine what changes might be necessary and right for you.

Perhaps you have a really hard time not resorting to eating when you are sad, anxious, stressed or angry. I get it, I’ve spent a decade of my life in that boat. Together we’ll explore what foods and ways of eating work for your body and lifestyle and which don’t. We’ll discover what your life looks like with a different relationship to food. We’ll find new habits that serve you better, freeing up your busy mind to think about your dreams and your family and your better life. It’s really not all that complicated to eat healthily, promise.

NOTE: I don’t treat eating disorders and will refer out to therapists where eating disorders are present.



Some of you feel like you need coffee in the morning to get going, sweets in the afternoon to overcome that mid-day slump and wine at night to unwind. But there are ways to create lasting and steady energy throughout the day without the use of stimulants and so many ways to unwind. And no, I won’t tell you that you may never enjoy a glass of wine ever again. I was raised in France after all, and I’m an epicurean at heart.

Some of you cannot lose that belly fat despite your best efforts with diet and exercise (women over 40, can you hear me?). In many cases, there are biochemical processes behind that muffin top. We can apply that knowledge and make real, lasting changes (and make the muffin disappear!).

Perhaps you’d like to learn how to cook healthy, quick meals for your family and stop ordering in or eating out so much. I’ve tested and tried hundreds of recipes with nourishing foods and, believe me, my 8-year-old daughter is my harshest critic! Recipes she likes stay in rotation and I will share them with you.

Some of you are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! You know there’s got to be a better way. You’ve come to the right place.