One-on-one coaching services

I offer customized, result oriented 3 or 6-months health programs, depending on your goals and needs

One of my signature programs is “Waistline for Life” which helps women over 40 reclaim their waistlines so that they can fit into their favorite jeans again and significantly reduce their risk for serious disease.

After an initial consultation, I design a customized program for you to help you get the real results you’re after: over the course of twice per month sessions, we explore their concerns, goals, your dreams, and you discover the tools you need to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself and for a lifetime of balance. Not kidding.

Your program includes:

  • Two 50 minute meetings per month, per Zoom or phone.

  • Email support in between sessions

  • Simple recipes that don’t you can cook even if you ‘ve never cooked before

  • Informative handouts that will boost your nutrition and wellness knowledge

  • Some recommendations for safe supplements and lab testing to discuss with your doctor, whenever needed

  • Customized surprise gifts and bonuses along the way!

  • My empathetic and energetic determination to help you succeed in your goals

Why 3 or 6 months? Ditching old habits and swapping them for new healthy ones takes a bit of time if you want change to stick- sustainable health doesn’t come with quick fixes. I am available by email throughout your program to support you through any setbacks and we’ll get you back on track until you can happily fly on your own!

As a client of my programs, you will:

  • Feel empowered to set and accomplish your personal health goals

  • Cut through the confusion on what healthy eating means for you

  • Achieve a healthier weight that you can actually maintain

  • Have better, more steady energy

  • Begin to feel great in your body again

Speaking engagements.

My Waistline for Life workshop helps women understand why they tend to put on belly fat after a certain age and what they can do about it in order to reclaim their waistlines!  If you’re interested in hearing more, Let's talk!